Vacuum presses
give YOUR creativity
more freedom

After many years on the market, the vacuum press continues to be a machine for the manufacture of molded parts. This is undoubtedly the supreme discipline of this machine. However, reducing them to this application gives away the huge range of other possible applications of this machine. A vacuum press from BARTH can be used in a very versatile way. It supports you in standard work such as veneering, covering, wrapping and gluing as well as in new, profitable tasks such as the production of round components or the production of composite materials. The technical components are always selected for the respective performance classes of the vacuum presses so that you always achieve an optimal work result during the work. High-quality vacuum pumps and vacuum components, paired with many years of know-how in vacuum technology and a rock-solid mechanical engineering, have already supported many BARTH vacuum press customers and have given them a new form of production.

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