Wendevorrichtung wendoLIFT pro Produktbild
  • Working table with turning device
    The wendoLIFT pro is a work table and turning device at the same time!
  • Ergonomic height adjustment
    by means of two doubleacting hydraulic cylinders with powerful hydraulic power unit (230V)
  • Great lifting area
    from 450 mm 1.150 mm
  • Pneumatically activated roller bars
    facilitate loading and positioning of heavy workpieces on the table

Turning device wendoLIFT pro

for machining solid workpieces up to 450 kg

Discover the wendoLIFT pro the powerhouse in the product range of lifting and turning tables. The fixed turning station can turn workpieces weighing up to 450 kg or with a maximum width of 1,400 mm. The activatable roller bars enable heavy workpieces with sensitive surfaces to be processed easily and safely by one person on the table. The turning process can be conveniently initiated by handheld remote control and completed by lightly bumping over the narrow edge of the workpiece. This enables effortless machining of heavy assemblies on both sides.

Thanks to its specially developed geometry, the wendoLIFT pro is extremely stable and, with a generous stroke range, the perfect basis for series production of massive and largedimension components.