• Working table with turning device
    The wendoLIFT vario is a work table and turning device at the same time!
  • Ergonomic height adjustment
    by means of solid hydraulics with accumulator drive unit and remote control
  • Great lifting area
    from 500 mm to 1,150 mm
  • Pneumatically activated roller bars
    facilitate loading and positioning of heavy workpieces on the table (wendoLIFT vario R)

Turning device wendoLIFT vario

The height-adjustable work table with integrated turning device and roller bars

The basis of the wendoLIFT vario is the H 1000 accuDRIVE lifting table, just like the classic wendoLIFT. The pneumatically activated roller bars make the table even more convenient and efficient. This not only facilitates loading via feeding roller conveyors, but also the positioning of heavy workpieces on the table. The roller bars are arranged at right angles to the folding wings and can be activated via a pneumatic valve on the control unit. This means that the bars are pressed upwards by the compressed air and are thus above the support surface.
Optionally, we can also offer the bars in longitudinal direction. Thus it is possible to move the workpieces in 2 directions.

With the turning function of the wendoLIFT vario, workpieces weighing up to 250 kg or with a maximum width of 1,300 mm can be turned.