Powerful vacuum pumpwith 2 x 100 l storage tank


SOLIDBASE FRAMEwelded and powder coated




MOVING DEVICE4 braked steering wheels


MEMBRANEhighly elastic


PICK UPLifting points for forklifts


VACUUM CONNECTIONAdditional connection for vacuum bag

Vacuum press TAURUS®

The industry class

The BARTH vacuum press TAURUS® is the flagship the vacuum press fleet. It combines flexibility in the Part processing and mass production through a largest possible workspace. Thus, creativity and scope none Set limits. With lengths from 4 metres – up to special lengths – and the two clamping depths of 142 (55.9 in) and 182 cm (71.6 in), the elasticity limits of the membrane are extended in addition to the dimensions of the worktable. Larger, higher and above all longer parts can thus be glued in a convenient manner.

Our TAURUS is particularly suitable for large and heavy workpieces. With the standard speed-up equipment (oil circulation lubricated vacuum pump in connection with our electronic pressure switch REVO II and a vacuum distributor plate) you can achieve a higher pressure (up to 10t/m²) and up to 50% shorter pressing times. Let your creativity run free, expand your range of applications efficiently, saving energy and time.

The additional vacuum connection on the narrow side with its 13 mm hose nozzle extends your range of application, e.g. with the use of a vacuum bag.

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Product info TAURUS® Models:

  • Membrane: natural rubber, highly resilient (silicone membrane upon request)
  • standard with speed-up:
    Pressure regulator: electronic, REVO II type;
    vacuum pump: lubricated with circulating oil;
    power: 40 m³/h;
    vacuum distribution plate
  • tank capacity:: 2 x 100 l
  • highly sturdy chassis
  • additional vacuum connection with 13 mm hose fitting
  • Clamping dimensions L x W:
    TAURUS® 4014 speed-up or 5014 speed-up:    4,000 or 5,000 x 1,420 mm (157.5 or 196.8 x 55.9 in)
    New: TAURUS® 3018 speed-up, 4018 speed-up or 5018 speed-up:    3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 x 1,820 mm (118.1, 157.5 or 196.8 x 71.6 in)
  • Set-up dimensions L x W x H:
    TAURUS® 4014 speed-up or 5014 speed-up:    4,290 or 5,290 x 1,650 x 940 mm (168,9 or 208,3 x 65 x 37 in)
    New: TAURUS® 3018 speed-up, 4018 speed-up or 5018 speed-up:     3,290, 4,290 or 5,290 x 2,050 x 940 mm (129.5 or 168.9 or 208.3 x 80.7 x 37 in)

Other sizes on request.