Pump tank unit 40.100

Art. no.: BP-82-40100

The mobile vacuum generator PT 40.100 with speed up supplies your vacuum devices independently of fixed connections. The pump tank unit 40.100 has inside it a powerful vacuum pump, which feeds a 100 liter supply tank.

Advantage speed-up:
> Higher pressure of up to 10 t / m² *
> Up to 50% shorter pressing time for veneering
> Electronic pressure monitoring with REVO II
> Digital display of the vacuum
* depending on the air pressure

Suction power: 40 m³ / h
Connection: 230V
Vacuum pump: oil circulation lubricated

Set-up dimensions: L x W x H: 1.360 x 560 x 670 mm (53.5 x 22 x 26.3 in)

Pumpe-Tankeinheit PT 40.100 speed-up von BARTH