One system for any glue handling.

Verleimpressen von BARTH

In many carpenter’s workshops, glue presses and carpenter’s clamps are still standard. In efficiently working companies with high quality standards, they have however become obsolete since there are BARTH system presses. They have been especially developedto carry out bonding work in a quick and cost-effective way.. Due to their wide range of applications, amongst others as carcass press, BARTH frame and bonding presses are a future-proof investment , as they increase productivity and save time in your workshop. Even intractable wood cannot withstand the presses. With a clamping force of up to 2,000 kg they bring each piece into the correct position with the turn of your hand or by pressing a button and fulfill the highquality standards, e.g. strong and uniform glued joints expected by customers. BARTH develops and manufactures universal system presses for efficient processing of carcass, frames and frames with a mitre, stands and plates.